Documentary Filmmaking & Cinematic VideoJournalism Training Workshops

Take your vision to the next level. Start creating polished documentaries and cinematic journalism. Begin to see our visual world with new potential.  You will complete your own film during the workshop.

Documentary filmmaker PF Bentley is now available to train your group, organization, newspaper, magazine, corporate or military multimedia department in a fun, informative and small intimate boutique setting. Bentley, a former TIME Magazine award-winning photojournalist and an Apple Certified Professional in Final Cut Pro, brings 12 years experience teaching cutting edge technology as Lead Instructor for the Platypus Workshops. In addition he has taught the language of video and editing to companies such as The International Monetary Fund and Golf Digest.

His shooting and editing clients have included ABC-TV Nightine, The Travel Channel, John Wiley & Sons, Globe-Pequot Press, Warner Books, Penguin Group Publishing, Scripps-Howard Newspapers, World Children’s Fund, The Reason Foundation, The North Face, Specialized Bikes and Hawaii Forest & Trail Nature Adventure Tours.

“I just completed PF Bentley’s 5 day intensive filmmaking workshop. It’s a dizzying, exhausting, mind
altering, inspirational leap into the world of documentary film production. PF gives himself 110% to his class.
It was an honor and a delight to be in his company and to learn from this funny, warm and talented artist.”
If you’re interested in learning the art of filmmaking with the HDSLR, take PF Bentley’s workshop.
It’s worth every penny – it can and will change the course of your career.” – Keith Brofsky, Seattle


These training workshops are $5,000-$7500 plus travel expenses for 5-8 days. I would tailor the training to the needs of the client.  Beginning to Advanced, Editing, Multimedia – all or some of the above at any level. The client would also have the meeting space to hold the workshop and attendees would need their own camera/audio gear, computer and software.  On my end of things, I would bring everything I need to teach the course. You can have as many people as you want and I can teach using any camera format.

The workshop editing section is taught with Adobe CS Suite, but all the techniques and principles translate to using any video camera or editing system. I welcome users of other platforms & systems to the workshop too. This is a hands-on working workshop. You’ll be shooting, editing and unlike other workshops, you’ll be critiqued on your work: the good, the bad and the ugly.

The workshop was a mind-bending -boggling -blowing experience …. thanks PF!!  Our gray matter will never look the same, or look at any film the same way.  The products we learned to use are brutally complex — thankfully PF brilliantly teaches precisely what must be learned to become a 100% high-end professional filmmaker.  But there’s more!  His style, pace and endless sense of humor ensures a good time for all participants…from beginning to end.  — Roger Ressmeyer, CEO & Chief Photographer, Science Faction Images.

I do not supply equipment, computers or software in this workshop.


In addition to the basics of shooting and editing – audio mixing, color grading, music, narration, titles, using master templates and other editing plug-ins, story structure, multicam shooting and editing, working with portable dollies and jibs, compression, uploading and distribution of your finished product, marketing yourself and the business of documentaries and more.

I have both attended and taught many workshops so I speak with some experience when I say that PF’s combination of incredibly deep knowledge,  his terrific patience and your sense of humor make your workshop not only a fantastic education but also a true pleasure to attend. Having my brain ground into mush has never been so fun!! In all seriousness, PF brings to this subject a unique wisdom about passionate story telling and a great sense of  what it really takes to get the job done. That boots-on-the-ground experience makes it much easier to digest and contextualize the very complex information you have to share. PF’s been there and it shows. I would recommend this  workshop to any journalist who wants to expand their work into the exciting new world of digital multimedia storytelling. – Dan Lamont, Seattle

Please email me with any questions, and thanks.

-PF Bentley

I do not supply equipment, computers or software in this workshop.

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